“I make surgeries that are surgically achievable and that I am sure will enable me to reach the goals, my clients or patients, and I, expect.” – Dr. Jorge Badilla, JBM Plastic Surgery Costa Rica

Costa Rica Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery


Welcome to JBM Costa Rica Plastic Surgery led by Dr. Jorge Badilla, a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Costa Rica. Plastic surgery has been divided from a practical point of view in two fields of action:

    • Reconstructive or restorative: is focused on disguise and reconstruct the destructive effects of an accident or trauma, a congenital defects and cancer or tumor resection.
    • Plastic or aesthetic surgery: is performed in order to change those body parts that are not satisfactory for the patient.

The choice to undergo plastic surgery is one of the most personal decisions you will ever make. So Dr. Badilla is committed to providing “total customer or patient care” in services, both clinical and individualized.

This section is devoted to “art” of plastic surgery, original from the Greek word “plastikos”, because the plastic surgeon is in some way, like a sculptor. Like an artist creating a masterpiece, a plastic surgeon uses his skills and knowledge, to contour, transform and shape the body in a specific way to carry normal functional and anatomical body coverage. Through the surgery is searched to reconstruct the deformities and correct the functional deficiencies.

It aims to educate the patient, about the benefits and risks of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery comes second to his desire to meet their expectations and achieve the highest security as possible.

The website will serve as an introduction to the philosophy of his practice as well as the wide variety of services and procedures offered by Dr. Badilla.

The following information will help you decide if plastic surgery is something you want to follow, and also have a better idea of whether the procedure is right for you.
I encourage you to explore the website. Thanks for visiting.

Costa Rica Plastic Surgery - Surgeon Dr Jorge Badilla

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We specialize in all kinds of surgeries ranging from breast augmentation, lift and breast reduction. As well as congenital problems like breast deformities or asymmetries in women and men. We provide specialized care to patients who were treated for breast cancer and breast reconstruction that require attention.

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Facial procedures are for rejuvenating and correcting the different areas of the face such as the forehead, eyelids, ears, nose, cheeks and neck. One example of a common facial procedure is the well known facelift.

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When we talk about body we mean that we specialize in abdominal surgery, buttocks, thighs and after a massive weight loss surgery. We correct deformities, asymmetries, excesses or when you simply want an improvement or an “upgrade”.

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These options are for those middle-aged people who are still not candidates for surgery but have some problems that can be corrected with botulinum toxin / Botox, dermal fillers, fat injection or platelet-rich plasma. Giving a total freshen the face, neck, hands and armpits.

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Other Surgery Procedures

We also specialize in other procedures such as facial trauma, tendon or nerve injuries, problems of the hand nerve compression: carpal tunnel syndrome; trigger finger or tenosynovitis or other problems.

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Kattia Flores Conejo

“It is an excellent person, he is very kind and all my questions were evacuated, so I decided to have surgery with Dr. Badilla, of which I am very pleased with my results.”