Labiaplasty or Vaginal Rejuvenation in Costa Rica


The minor labia, which are two structures that are inside the major labia, close the entrance of the vagina and protect the clitoris and urethra, and for various reasons enlarge and hang from the external genitalia. In these cases apart from the unaesthetic it may produce discomfort

  • When using pads or sanitary napkins
  • When making long trips where you sit for long time.
  • When using small type string bikinis
  • When you do exercise, like spinning
  • Horseback riding, biking, etc.
  • When using tight clothing
  • And especially in sexual relationships

It is, then, when we apply the best solution is what we call labiaplasty reduction.

Labioplasty Reduction

That is to cut and reshape the minor labia, under local anesthesia with sedation, and in a little over half an hour the procedure is perform, the next day you can resume your normal working life in two weeks and resume your normal sex life.

Labioplasy Augmentation:

In the event that the labia have thinned cause weight lost or age have declined, then the augmentation labiaplasty is performed, which involves making a micro liposuction in most cases is done on the mound, which itself alone is already a problem when there is an accumulation of fat in that area, or anywhere on the body and infiltrates the labia making turgid lips and youthful appearance.


As with all surgical procedures, reducing risks labia contains despite being regarded as a safe surgery. The surgeons reported a complication rate of 1% in the case of labiaplasty, making the risk minimal.
Bleeding: Lips contains a large amount of blood vessels, and cut it produces a large amount of blood. In some cases, this bleeding continues for 24 hours.

Infection: Any type of surgery that requires incisions carries the risk of infection. To minimize this threat is very important hygiene. Most infections can be stopped very quickly and simply with the use of antibiotics.

Changes in color: Surgery of the labia may cause the color of your lips change, although this is rare.

Prominent scars

Decreased sensation: Some women, but few have reported a loss of sensation in the area after surgery. This may be due to nerve damage, and often can be recovered over time. Sometimes, however, the effects of this are permanent.