My philosophy

  • The decision on plastic surgery is very personal. My approach is individualized for each patient. I think a physical feature is only a problem when the patient perceives it as a problem.
  • Because plastic surgery is an elective procedure, my work philosophy has to do mainly with safety while trying to meet their needs through a surgical procedure.
  • My initial consultation focuses on three key points. First, the client or patient’s wishes and expectations. Second, my assessment and medical judgment about the client’s physical appearance and his “problem.” Third, my ability to try to get the desired result to be agreed jointly, based on their needs, desires, individual expectations and individual real medical alternatives. It is important that every patient who asks me to be operated in order to obtain a cosmetic improvement understand that plastic surgery is not magic, is a science and as such is based on solid medical and surgical concepts. And nothing is 100% perfect at birth, less so in medicine. Never have I minimized the risk that exists in all reconstructive or cosmetic surgery and although this risk is minimal, it exists.
  • A joint effort, interactive, collaborative and communication between the client or patient and the plastic surgeon is what works best to promote a shared understanding of desired outcomes. It is essential that both share the same visual image. My commitment is to deliver the best possible surgical results and have a happy and satisfied patient.

Dr. Jorge Badilla says:

“The best candidate for plastic surgery is a well-informed patient”.