Tenosynovitis “Trigger Fingers or Spring” Surgery in Costa Rica


The patient actively flex or extend fingers, has a painful clicking not associated with tenderness in the palm of the hand instead it comes from the finger flexor tendons pulling abruptly through an A1 pulley tensioned portion of the flexor sheath . Apparently, what triggers this condition is a repeated trauma to the flexor tendon, repetitive bending of the fingers and direct trauma to the site of the stenosis on the head of the palmar metacarpal distal to the capsule thickening of the tendon and causes formation of a nodule. When the node hits the annular transverse ligament (A1 pulley) is a snap. If the nodule grows or thickens the annular ligament, the node cannot pass through the fiber ring, so that the finger becomes fixed in a flexed position.

Price range from $1151. The price is subject to medical assessment of Dr. Badilla.